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Many of our customers inquired us which lettering is the most popular, and also which edge is better for Hawaiian Jewelry. Well our answers are black enamel lettering for rings, and raised polished letters for bangles, all with diamond cut edge.

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We design and manufacture the latest style of Hawaiian heirloom jewelry. If you don't see the fashion and style that you are searching for, Please visit again soon, We are constantly updating our products.

Our goal is to offer a very easy shopping experience for custom made Hawaiian jewelry through a fast and secure web interface with just a click away. We are more experienced than almost anyone in the business. We are also still one of the leading manufacturers for affordable and top quality Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry.
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Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry 14K Gold Hawaiian Diamonds Wedding Rings Engagement Rings are All Custom Made as low as
Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry 14K Gold Hawaiian Diamonds Wedding Rings Engagement Rings are All Custom Made as low as
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Home » Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry 4 for 1 Set » HGS102
Hawaiian Jewelry 14K Gold 4 for 1 set specials are all custom made as low as
Hawaiian Jewelry 14K Gold Hawaiian Jewelry 4 for 1 set include a Bangle, Pendant, Ring and complementary chain. The Bangle, Ring and Pendant are the same design.
Materials: Available in 14K Solid Yellow Gold, 14K Solid White Gold, 14K Solid Pink Gold
Gold Bar Thickness: 1.5mm with Barrel Shape (Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry Standard)
Images Available: 24 Patterns
Lettering Script: Old English
Most Popular Design: Tropical Flowers. Bamboo. Diamond Cut Maile
Most Popular Edge: Diamond Cut
How long does delivery take: Order today and receive it within one week.

Available Options:
Please Select Your Gold Bar Thickness:  Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry Standard
Please Select Your Bangle Bandwidth:  
Please Select Your Pendant Bandwidth:  
Please Select Your Ring Bandwidth:  
Please Select Your Bangle Size:  Your Hand Knuckles, Not Wrist.
Please Select Your Ring Size:  Add 1/2 size larger if bandwidth 8mm & up. See FAQ for more info
Please Select Your 24 Patterns / Designs:  
Please Select Your Edge:  
Message to be Engraved Inside (50 Char Max) :
Name to be Engraved outside (32 Char Max) :
Engraved Name on Bangle:  
Engraved Name on Pendant:  
Engraved Name on Ring:  
Please Select Your Lettering if Name is Engraved:  
Choose Complementary Chain Length:  
Would You Like to Purchase a Jewelry Box:  
Subtotal Price with Options
Size CheckHelp for double check sizingLettering ExampleHelp for double check letteringEdge ExampleHelp for double check edge  24 Patterns ExampleHelp for double check patternsBracelet Bandwidth ExampleHelp for double check bangles bandwidthRing Bandwidth ExampleHelp for double check rings bandwidth
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